Anthony B. Robinson


In a Small Eastern Oregon Town: A Demonstration of ‘Just Locals Fed Up’

Opposition honks were a steady blaring of the horn, sometimes accompanied by a raised finger. Support honks outnumbered the other about 5 to 1.

Betrayal of the Elites: When A “Non-Profit” Hospital Administrator Makes $10 Million a Year

Elite status no longer connotes responsibility. It no longer carries with it the expectation of giving up something to serve in a role of leadership. Nowadays, to be elite is not a “privilege implying obligation,” said author Martin Gurri, “it is a prize.” It means you are the big winner and you get all the toys.

Trump’s Dangerously Political Plea To Open Churches

While it’s nice to be dubbed essential, the source is wrong. God calls us to worship, not a President or other political leader. Moreover, gathering in a church building is not the only way for people to worship.

Northeastern Oregon, Where Wearing Masks is a Signal

The wearing and non-wearing of masks serves as a convenient statement in this rural county. Wearing one in town I definitely felt like I was signaling my tribal identity, which seems crazy, but there it is."

The Long, Slow Fade of Mainline Protestant Churches

In an essay titled “Awakenings,” the novelist and essayist, Marilynne Robinson, spoke of the Calvinist and Reformed theological tradition, which informed Lincoln and his transcendent framing of the Civil War. Of that tradition, she writes, “I no longer see much trace of it in America today."

Weird Times, ‘Weird Christianity’

Saul Bellow: “It is hard to see how modern man can survive on what he now gets from his conscious life — now that there is a kind of veto against impermissible thoughts, the most impermissible being the notion that man might have a spiritual life he is not conscious of which reaches out for transcendence.”

A Pandemic Gift: Stumbling Upon the ‘Good-Enough’ Life

My subversive thought is that large swaths of our society are not afflicted primarily by low expectations, so much as unrelenting, burdensomely high expectations.

Why Is Trump’s Needy, Anxious Base Unshakably Stuck To Him?

The key thing, for my purposes of understanding the Trump base, is that the narcissist and his circle of admirers are bound together in a state of “emotional fusion.”

Rebecca Solnit’s Book: Remaking Our Lives Amid Major Disasters

Disasters are “extraordinarily generative,” Solnit contends. From them emerge new ways of seeing the world and one another. Fruitless preoccupations suddenly fade away. Hitherto un-imagined possibilities emerge.


Why is Seattle so Good at Iconic Moments of Radicalism?

In 1885-1915, the state's formative period, "Washington attracted a prodigious share of radicals, socialists, and utopians," coming here because we were a state that welcomed radical change.

The Arts Online: Ten Great YouTubes that wouldn’t have been made without Lockdown

Deprived of their usual performance venues, artists have turned to the internet to make and disseminate their art. The art is evolving quickly

Capitol Hill’s Occupied Zone and how it Happened

Overall, observers and participants will need to continue thinking about how claiming a portion of public space for an underserved and discriminated community can initiate effective social and political change, and not perpetuate the status quo or ignite a right-wing backlash that pursues further repressive policies.

Reading: The Plague During Plague

This spring I decided to take a zoomed book class offered by Alliance Française Seattle. The assigned...

Paint The Town: Takiyah Ward and the Autonomous Zone’s Defining Mural

“Normally getting a project of this size done in the city of Seattle would have required months of bureaucracy, red tape, and writing grants, and trying to find the money, all of which can kill a creative vibe or project real quick.”