Steve Clifford


Baker’s Dozen Fantasy: Trump Opens a Bible, Finds Actual Moral Teachings

With an eye on his Evangelical base and Bible in hand, Trump pulls off another of his astonishing pivots.

Don Jr: The Comedy Stylings Of My Comic Genius Dad

“Today, Jared Kushner is the only comic on Dad’s level. Have you seen Jared’s Mideast peace plan?”

My Campaign to Bar Straight, White Males From Voting

Recent findings strengthen my case. Neurologists have discovered a disorder called NASCAR cortex. “Watching cars circle a racetrack for 3-1/2 hours, while hoping in vain to witness a ghastly accident, severely degrades synaptic communication within the neocortex.

Inside the Idiocracy: Alexa Answers it All for You

A Snide Steven tries and fails to get Alexa clued in to the pandemic's costs. Alexa answers with crocodile tears and Amazon propaganda.

Stuck At Home? It’s Working Out Great For This Misanthrope

"It has been a great Spring. The Mariners are enjoying their best season in 20 years. All board retreats and planning sessions are cancelled. Week after week with no flip charts, no magic markers, no breakout groups, no facilitator praising blather as great ideas."

Humor: Trump, “Reality” TV, and another Brilliant Cabinet Meeting

"I am planning a three-hour television special, 'The Toughest Decision in History,' where I will announce the biggest decision I have ever faced, in fact, the biggest decision that any political leader has ever faced. It will be incredible TV. Tremendous TV."

“We Shall Beat It On The Beaches, We Shall Beat It On TV” –...

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to me, and me alone. Only I can fix this.

Black Humor: Investing In A Time Of Plague

“Our new model portfolio is 45% gold mining stocks, 45% canned food, and 10% timeshare interests in fallout shelters.”

The Donald Gets Virus Serious: Cue Belittling Nicknames and Nasty Tweets

Calling for a Senate investigation, Trump said, “Let’s subpoena all of the records of the low IQ coronavirus’ dealings with Hunter Biden and Burisma. Disgraceful.”


Why is Seattle so Good at Iconic Moments of Radicalism?

In 1885-1915, the state's formative period, "Washington attracted a prodigious share of radicals, socialists, and utopians," coming here because we were a state that welcomed radical change.

The Arts Online: Ten Great YouTubes that wouldn’t have been made without Lockdown

Deprived of their usual performance venues, artists have turned to the internet to make and disseminate their art. The art is evolving quickly

Capitol Hill’s Occupied Zone and how it Happened

Overall, observers and participants will need to continue thinking about how claiming a portion of public space for an underserved and discriminated community can initiate effective social and political change, and not perpetuate the status quo or ignite a right-wing backlash that pursues further repressive policies.

Reading: The Plague During Plague

This spring I decided to take a zoomed book class offered by Alliance Française Seattle. The assigned book was “La Peste” by Albert Camus. It...

Paint The Town: Takiyah Ward and the Autonomous Zone’s Defining Mural

“Normally getting a project of this size done in the city of Seattle would have required months of bureaucracy, red tape, and writing grants, and trying to find the money, all of which can kill a creative vibe or project real quick.”