Wild Side: The Animal World Revealed when we Sheltered in Place.

Everything from house finches and hydrangea to cavorting rabbits is putting on a show—flashing colors and trilling arpeggios. Our lockdown is their liberation.

Fantasies: The Purpose of Crowded Starbucks Stores

I once asked one of the original founders of the coffee company how it could be economical to have so many folks occupying tables for hours while spending a pittance on a cup of coffee-flavored milk drinks.

Our State Was Too Slow In Reacting To COVID-19

Clearly there was a new disease striking people in China, and there were subtle attempts to suppress this information. Certainly, there was sufficient warning to be vigilant about a repetition of SARS, or worse.

Is Despair More of a Threat Than Covid-19?

Despair is sometimes difficult to distinguish from all those other sad words that begin with a D like depression, despondency and desolation. It’s all of these and none of these, omnipresent in this doubly difficult time that stresses the physical, mental and emotional health of our institutions as well as our individual selves to their limits.

Demographic Trends: African American Migration to Seattle Suburbs

The locus of protest has largely been within the city of Seattle, and yet Seattle’s regional role as a home for African Americans has diminished sharply in the past 30 years.

Let’s Face It: Seattle Police’s Consent Decree with the Feds Has Not Worked

The hard truth is that the consent decree, despite the best of intentions and a remarkable level of cooperation from the city, didn’t address the fundamental cultural issues in the department that lead to over-policing and bias.

An Open Letter to Mayor Durkan: Feeling for You in a Whirlwind

Few could blame you, Mayor Durkan, if you took Sawant up on calls to resign. But somehow one expects that you have shown resilience through tough times and will not back away.

Behind The Curtain Walls: Seattle’s Tower Architecture

For more than three decades, Seattle has been earnestly shaping policy and procedure to get better downtown buildings, and fend off the worst. What have we got to show for it? Rainier Square Tower.

Protest Marches Foretell a Political Sea-Change for Seattle

If Act I of the rise of Movement Left in Seattle was the 2019 city council elections, these protest marches are Act II. They will have an enduring effect on participants.


Why is Seattle so Good at Iconic Moments of Radicalism?

In 1885-1915, the state's formative period, "Washington attracted a prodigious share of radicals, socialists, and utopians," coming here because we were a state that welcomed radical change.

The Arts Online: Ten Great YouTubes that wouldn’t have been made without Lockdown

Deprived of their usual performance venues, artists have turned to the internet to make and disseminate their art. The art is evolving quickly

Capitol Hill’s Occupied Zone and how it Happened

Overall, observers and participants will need to continue thinking about how claiming a portion of public space for an underserved and discriminated community can initiate effective social and political change, and not perpetuate the status quo or ignite a right-wing backlash that pursues further repressive policies.

Reading: The Plague During Plague

This spring I decided to take a zoomed book class offered by Alliance Française Seattle. The assigned...

Paint The Town: Takiyah Ward and the Autonomous Zone’s Defining Mural

“Normally getting a project of this size done in the city of Seattle would have required months of bureaucracy, red tape, and writing grants, and trying to find the money, all of which can kill a creative vibe or project real quick.”