Post Alley Zoomcast: Mort Kondracke and David Domke Discuss this year’s Election Prospects


In this zoomcast, a partnership with Post Alley, Folio Seattle, and Common Purpose, David Domke and Mort Kondracke discuss the 2020 elections. How will the virus Federal response affect this fall’s election? Trump is characterizing himself as a “war president” in dealing with COVID and is banking on the idea that it will be gone by the fall. But will it? Will the economy recover, helping him to a winning hand? Might he be reelected? And how about the Republicans, hoping to hold the Senate; they’re all in with Trump and if he goes down, perhaps they do too. What does Joe Biden need to do to win? One note: this conversation took place before George Floyd was killed and nationwide protests began last week.


  1. For Mort: Would you please provide the source data behind your statement that “Most polls indicate that by substantial margins (13-15 points) the public:
    1) Disapproves of Trumps handling of COVID-19;
    2) Distrust what he says about it compared to their state governments; and
    3) Thinks everyone should wear a face mask?

    What is the sample size, who did those polls, etc?

  2. For David Domke: With regard to the question “What demographic will Biden have to activate…?

    … you dismissed the people who “are susceptible to the older Dukakis-esque critic-criticisms of the Democratic Party” as having much influence on which party wins the election? Could you please unpack that very vague description?

    You go on to say: “That’s past. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. Goverrnment HAS to function.” Please convince me that those Dikakis-esque criticisms of the Democratic Party have nothing to do with the efficacy of government.


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