There was too much bickering among the Democratic candidates tonight about details that were too wonkish. Worse, the biggest disappoint was that Trump was hardly mentioned in the fracas.

Amazingly, there was no mention of Trump firing multiple public civil servants who he could no longer “trust” as being loyal to him. And no mention of his pardoning criminals who were in jail because they had broken the public’s trust.

Attacking Trump on these two very public and headline actions, could have been used to accuse him of defining trust in his personal interest not the public interest. If a candidate had taken that clear and strong position, that person could have captured some major media coverage and defined that candidate as being above the fray.

Instead, too much time was spent attacking the wealthy, e.g. billionaires like Mike Bloomberg. Most people don’t have a visceral feeling about hating the super wealthy, because they don’t know them. They are too distant. They may not even like them, but unless they feel their pain directly coming from them, those attacks will barely move the dial.


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