Stirring closing argument from Chairman Adam Schiff. Now what?

I hope the Democrats spend everything they have in a smart, effective, emotion-grabbing ad campaign to convince  even Trump’s base that this president represents a clear and present danger to the nation. Some snappy versions of The shoe fits/We can’t acquit – with its resonance of the OJ Simpson trial, as Chuck Todd commented, another case where everyone knew he was guilty but he got away with it. Commercials with the resonance of the little girl and the flower.

Danny Deutsch, are you listening? Tom Steyer, Bloomberg, Yang, put your money where your goals are. Let the branding begin, because that’s how you sway the electorate.

We’ve just concluded Act One. There’s an intermission before Act Two, and then come the holidays — a time when heartstrings are easily tugged. Here comes a great branding opportunity. And I bet Fox would take your advertising dollars.


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